Grey Berlin winter


Winter in Berlin is six long months and a hundred shades of grey. Other than in the south of Germany, nobody wants to leave the house for some fresh air, when that air is colder than your breath. Even on the weekends, Tempelhofer Feld and Maybachufer are almost empty, only tourists and fitness freaks remain.

My very first weeks in Berlin were just like that: Gloomy and cold. Back then, it was the worst. This year, I kind of enjoyed living in a haze. I took longer ways to work and enjoyed the tiniest sun rays, went for lonely walks during lunch break and took photos every moment I could spare.

WINTER BLUES? NOT REALLY. Believe me, it surprised me, too. Coming from the south of Germany, I usually come alive with warmth. Somehow I needed a gloomy time-out, to get ready for the rose-colored spring time in Berlin.


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  1. Andrea

    Das mag ich sehr. Sehr sehr sogar!

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