Homeward Bound

Everything was better in the old days. Maybe. There’s no place like home. Definitely.

This year’s holidays are spent at home. Südpfalz. It’s always best to have Mom around, and coming with her cake and no worries at all. There’s quality time with my brother and our ginger cats, who I see far not often enough. There’s so-called business talks with my Dad, overlooking the garden and fields.

I love the intimacy. I know where to get the most delicious bread, who to visit when I’m in a talking mood and when the timing for a nap in the sun is best.  Schönste am Heimaturlaub ist für mich die Vertrautheit. There’s only few surprises at home and lots of routine. But still, this is what makes me recover best.

Then of course, the fact that my home town is one of the most charming ones around, does its thing as well. Narrow alleys and timbered houses, a pizza place in old vaults, and the so-called “Schwanenweiher” that takes your breath away when the sun goes down on the forests. Kandel has given me two of my closest friends, made running in the woods easy and was the best place to recover from my studies. I’m not surprised I love to come to a place where my Dad plans to build a pool in the garden and my Mom surprises me with my favorite cake. You can’t call it a vacation, but I definitely feel like I’m much more myself when I get back to Berlin.



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