Isa Effy

One thing I once said about Isa Effy: She’s not my best friend. She’s more somehow. 

Isa Effy and I grew up in the same small town, and we know each other since I’m allowed to drive and she decided to have me as a taxi driver to school. We bonded over long distance relationships, and even more over how they ended in drama. After school came university, we had the same hair style and dressed alike, and we were almost never without each other.

Today, we are in a long distance relationship ourselves. 480 kilometres lie between Berlin and Heidelberg, and it isn’t always easy to care for a friendship when you only see each other twice a year. I am proud to say: We manage. Probably because we’re still the same girls as before. We still love songs that make us cry, we still talk about the times before life got serious, we still want to marry Chuck Bass or Parker James Cannon.

What we do to stay in each other’s lives is something called Aldetrip. Aldetrips are adventures that take us to Paris for 24 hours, Dockville Festival in Hamburg or Copenhagen. They allow us to get out of reality and allow us to focus on the important things: Food, music, and ourselves.

Dockville Festival, Hamburg, 2014

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