Lidellplatz // Karlsruhe

Karlsruhe will never be my favorite city. Probably because I spent most of my teenage life there and I just needed to get out, explore life in an actual major city.

Of course Karlsruhe holds happy places for me – restaurants, old clubs, hidden photo spots. One of those places is Lidellplatz, which is almost like a miniature Paris in the centre of Karlsruhe.

There’s cafés, there’s creative agencies and mint-coloured houses, antiques in the windows and a lively promenade. I could spend hours at Lidellplatz, doing nothing, tiptoeing across the fountains, inspecting the public bookcase. I thought I would need to keep this place secret and to myself for a long time, but now whenever I meet friends in Karlsruhe, Lidellplatz is part of our stroll.



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